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​Clients are saying...
Training with Todd has been one of the wisest choices I've ever made. I was nervous because I had never worked with a trainer before. He makes it fun and has helped me reach my goals sooner than I expected!

                             ~ Grady, Lewisville, TX

I'm 72 years old and hired Todd due to knee problems.  He has successfully strengthened my knee and I've found that I'm now addicted to his style of training.  It's never too late to start being healthy and to develop a strong body!
                              ~ Ellen, Highland Park, TX

Todd is the best trainer I've ever had! Thanks for pushing me and introducing me to the 'pause club!'

                               ~ James, Dallas, TX

I highly recommend Todd and his personal training services.  He's always on time, personalizes each session and encourages me throughout each workout. He even had his wife call and talk with me about nutrition - now that's a great trainer!  Thanks, Todd!

                                ~ Lisa, Carrollton, TX

Todd Blackard